TKLD is an independent lighting design consultancy that operates on a fee-only basis, offering impartial professional services to its clients. We have no commercial relationship or affiliation to any manufacturer or supplier of lighting equipment.

Our involvement on your project can assure long-term cost – savings in terms of equipment, operations, people and aesthetics. In addition, we offer technical skill and experience in the specification of lighting equipment, its location, and control. Our speciality is product knowledge and the ability to integrate light into the final build form with creativity and pragmatism.

Technical skill can be learned, but talent cannot. The “value-added” for good, creative design is difficult to assess, and will depend upon the appreciation of the decision-makers. However, the difference between great and average lighting design is very apparent.

Through cost-control techniques, we help our clients realize improved energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs. The initial investment in our professional services is offset by a significant reduction of construction and operating costs. This can be achieved by:

    • Allocating lighting equipment only where it is really needed.
    • Selecting the most appropriate solution in terms of function, aesthetics and budget.
    • Suggesting alternative lighting systems
    • Using energy efficient sustainable solutions / control systems.
    • Addressing maintenance issues.
    • Commissioning installation to realise design intent.

TKLD provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting design, consulting and project management services, including:

    • Concept Lighting Design
    • Detailed Lighting Design
    • Lighting Specification
    • Control System Specification
    • Detailed Documentation
    • Photometric calculations
    • Co-ordination
    • Consulting and energy saving studies
    • Lighting Assessments
    • Lighting Presentations
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